Estates Management


The management company structure within housing developments has become increasingly important over the past 15 years as more communal spaces have been specified through the planning authorities. As a result of this planning policy, developers are required to provide public open spaces and landscaped areas.


As agents, we look after the environment within each development through a team of landscaping professionals maintaining the landscaped and lawned open spaces, shrub beds and children’s play areas. We also help combat litter, resolve car parking disputes and maintain services within unadopted areas such as street lighting, paths and un-adopted roads.


Key services:

    • Independent local contractors.

    • Arboricultural surveys and inspections as required.

    • Fully Insured and experienced contractors.

    • Detailed maintenance plans.


New build developments


With any new development, estate management plays a significant role in securing sales and in turn ensuring profitability, alongside the longer term impact on the future reputation of the developer.  It makes complete sense, therefore, to utilise the skills of a professional new build estate management company that is able to deliver a first class, personalised service to fully compliment your skills as a developer.


At Gordon Estates we provide a complete new build estate management package designed to enhance the commercial aims of the developer and exceed the high expectations of the future homeowner.  Gordon Estates has become the natural choice for many of Northern Irelands home builders, chosen because we have proven, time and time again that we maintain our sites to the highest possible standards.  We pride ourselves in being the best, and the developers with whom we work agree.


Environmental Policy

We are committed to working to minimise our impact on the environment. Where possible we use sustainable materials in the renovation of buildings under our management, replace fittings with products that reduce heat waste and always renovate with a view to long term effectiveness rather than quick fixes.

As with everything we do we work to get the best price and product for maintenance to your building or estate.