New Build Developments


We are well aware that the construction industry is facing unprecedented challenges in the present market climate. With the ever changing and complex property market, it is essential that your selected property management agent works closely with you to help you achieve all your commercial and marketing objectives.


At Gordon Estates we offer a bespoke management service to developers, understanding the different needs of each client.

As your development approaches completion, we can assist in setting the building up ready for occupation.


We can provide packages detailing breakdown of service charges for potential leaseholders, to include maintenance schedules and specifications.


Our package includes the following areas specifically for developers:


  • Customer focus:  We are responsive to your queries and can set up service charge packages and budgets which appeal to potential leaseholders and prospective buyers.

  • Transparent Financial Management: We reconcile our accounts on a monthly basis, enabling us to quickly identify potential cost savings. This also means that financial information can be supplied to you at any time you request.

  • Third party contracts: All larger works are put out to tender and we have a large network of contractors who all offer value for money. We do not take commission on any contractor or supplier invoice – meaning that we can just focus on finding the best person for the job.


Company Formation 


At Gordon Estates, we offer a complete package for each developer to provide a seamless service from design and construction through to appointment.


Through this process we will:


  • Incorporate the Management Company acting as ‘corporate’  director and secretary facilities if and when required.

  • Deal with lease/transfer and deeds, issue of shares and registrations of interest upon transfer or mortgage.

  • Install service providers/contractors and liaise with utilities and energy providers.

  • Provide competitive rates of Insurance to cover Buildings and Pubic Liability.

  • Liaise with developers and owners as handing over control responsibilities of the Residents company to members/shareholders, educating the same as to their responsibilities.



Please contact us today to see how we can help you with your property management requirements. Please call us on 028 9590 2737 or email where we will gladly guide you through our complete developers package.